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The basis of all generative AI comes from language, and how does language affect the formation of our thinking? In particular, how do humans derive meaning from language and how can we use theories of linguistic meaning to build machines that think in more human-like ways?

AI provides a new angle to the consciousness of human thinking, but where does the consciousness exist? And does artificial intelligence accurately translate human consciousness and emotions? What is the difference between human thinking and artificial intelligence? Although now human beings have feelings are winner key in the competition. But to be precise, all human feelings and emotions are the experience of various things experienced, more precisely, "subjective experience". This area is currently unable to be for Generative AI because the basic principle of Generative AI is to learn a large amount of data so that new data similar to the original data can be generated. It mainly relies on deep learning technology, and the most popular one is the Transformer model, such as ChatGPT.

The basis of all generative AI comes from language, and how does language affect the formation of our thinking? In particular, how do humans derive meaning from language and how can we use theories of linguistic meaning to build machines that think in more human-like ways? MuseeAI has developed rational sensemaking, a computational framework for linguistic-informative thinking that combines neural language models with probabilistic models for rational reasoning. MuseeAI defines linguistic meaning as a context-sensitive mapping from natural language to the Probabilistic Language of Thought (PLoT) - a general symbolic basis for generative world modeling.

Simply said, generative AI can generate various types of content such as natural language, images, and audio. Create new content such as articles, stories, poems, music, etc. Such creativity can be applied in many fields such as literature, music, design, etc. In fact, the generative AIGC has formed a trend. At present, it is the content generation of artificial people, that is to say, it looks like a human creation, but it is an imitation or simulation. Due to the randomness behind the generative AI, it can automatically generate and design various artistic creations. , but it may not be able to trigger your feelings, because the model training of generative AI does not input the "subjective experience" of human beings. Therefore, although he is proficient in everything in piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting, it seems to be a serious nonsense that fills the "canvas" or "manuscript paper". The generative AI wants to imitate the West Lake such as the classic beauty Xishi., but it was a mere copycat.

However, for the parts, the “Digital Qualia Library” exclusively developed and trained by Youuxi Digital for the content world of Web 3.0, solves the problem of emotional communication generated by AIGC. Connect AI empathize with human thinking and experience. So what is "Qualia"? This word comes from brain science and philosophy. "Qualia" is something that we experience all the time in our daily life. Philosophically, in order to explore these phenomena of human perception and consciousness in-depth, philosophers especially proposed the word "qualia" (singular: quale; plural: qualia) for the convenience of discussion. They also try to understand the nature of the phenomenon of consciousness by analyzing the characteristics of "qualia".

Looking at qualia from the perspective of brain science, "qualia" in the vernacular is a person's perception or feeling, such as the "red" feeling when you see light with a wavelength of 630 nm; for example, when you look at The "blue" feeling produced by light with a wavelength of 450 nm; for example, the "pain" feeling when you are pricked by a needle; for example, the unique "stinky" smell when you pass by a stinky tofu stand; for example, when you eat The "sweet" taste when it comes to candy and so on.

But one of the characteristics of human conscious experience, or these "qualia" is "unknowable without personal experience". It means that people who have not personally experienced the "red" visual experience have no way to understand what the "red" feeling is. It illustrates two things. People with red-green color blindness cannot understand the emotions caused by the "sensibilities" of normal people, but it is even a difference between normal people based on local customs and culture. When people in the East and the West see "red" qualia, what they see The sensibilities evoke are also quite different. For example, in the East, red means celebration and Happy New Year, while in the West it means revolution and blood.

The "Digital Qualia Library" built MuseeAI solves the emotional reflection problem of Web 3.0 human-computer interaction. The so-called digital content includes pictures, texts, movies, videos, games, and codes, all of which are inseparable from content output and emotion. By the way, generative AI can only output messages, but cannot convey feelings and trigger emotions, and the latter is precisely the most indispensable "golden shovel" in the future AIGC world, which is the most important thing in cryptocurrency. A point of digital assets that can increase in value, and a gold mining area worthy of long-term investment. If you want to know more about AIGC’s digital content applications, please go to If you want to try the magic of AI copywriting, you can visit created by MuseeAI now free sign up.

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